BOTANICAL NAME: Ficus elastica
ORIGIN: Southeast Asia

LIGHT: Bright indirect sunlight
WATER: Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering
SOIL: Peat, bark, perlite or sand mix
AIR: Medium to high humidity

CARE: The worst is to over-water, move the plant around too much or to a spot with less light or with colder temperatures. Use a very soft cloth or sponge to clean gently with tepid water. Can be pinched back and encouraged to branch. Survives in long periods of time in low light but it loses its lower leaves which will not grow back.

TRIVIA: Trunk and stems exude a milky sap, or latex used in modern rubber making. Other variety of these species were an important source of an inferior natural rubber
(look up: Pará rubber tree)

WARNING: Toxic to children and pets if ingested.