Meet Our Team

Here's an introduction to our small but strong team.

Naz Khorram - Founder & Curator

Pronouns: They, Them

After being sentenced and released as a political prisoner in 2009, Naz fled Iran and moved to San Francisco. As a young, asylum seeker, not only did Naz value their education at Academy of Art University, but also their unwavering passion for hospitality. Queer artist, metalsmith, horticulturist, event curator—these are just a few descriptors to describe Naz’s adventurous spirit, which has brought them to the forefront of another daring endeavor that is Arcana. Naz’s love for serving, paired with a decade of experience in service and entertainment industry of San Francisco, finally gave them the courage to start their first small business. In 2019, when the former business owners decided to retire, they gave their space to a young entrepreneur with a plan and commitment to one of the most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods of our beloved city. Naz undertook the design and remodel of Arcana's century old building in the heart of Mission district.  Inspired by practice of Wabi Sabi, Naz designed the 22' tall steel staircase and upper level floating bridge, adding a perfect, black structure—all of this while still preserving the natural, original wood beams and concrete walls of the building. Integrating the new and the old, striving for perfection while welcoming imperfection, Naz sees beauty in both and believes that they are stronger together.

I feel blessed having grown up in an urban setting surrounded by arts and culture while also spending lots of time on our family farm. Genuine food, fresh air, fresh fruits from the trees, being deeply connected with nature – was a privilege for a city child like me. What I experienced in that first chapter of my life I have always dreamt of sharing with others. That is why I have created an urban greenhouse, Arcana.”

Andy Garcia - Operations Coordinator

Pronouns: She, Her

A lighthearted, humorist, Andy’s motivation derives from her passion and belief in people. She is a bartender and freelance writer who loves dancing and reading anything written by Miranda July. As a conversationalist and diligent student, she prides herself in consistently losing and finding her footing in the tumultuous hospitality industry of San Francisco. Her journey in hospitality began as a necessity while getting her degree at San Francisco State University, but quickly developed into a passion as she worked her way up through every service industry position, learning from many patient and hard-working mentors who were willing to teach her. Her passion for experiencing the cuisine and cocktails of San Francisco, is her passion for experiencing a good poem, both—she swears—are inextricably linked.

Anna Trautman - Plant Specialist & Interiorscaper

Pronouns: She, Her

Anna has been developing a love affair with nature since childhood. After years of camping and spending endless hours in gardens and conservatories across the States, Anna was drawn to the dense and vibrant jungles of South America. Immersing herself in the rich culture of Latin America, Anna dedicated herself to permaculture farming and urban gardening. This led to a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature’s abundance. Anna then studied landscape design to learn to create experiential and artistic verdant spaces that would honor the beautiful jungle scenery of South America. At Arcana, Anna brings her depth of knowledge of plants to help San Franciscans experience the energy and vibrancy of the jungle, and create their own verdant spaces at home. 

As Anna would say, “Issa vibe. Lemme bring it to you”