After thinking about expanding our shop to online shopping, we have decided that the only reason we created Arcana was not only to bring plants to your homes but also to get to meet you. Arcana is not about online shopping but it's an experience. We curate our magical urban greenhouse every day with love and passion for sense of curiosity. We try to tap into your inner child, making sure in our urban settings we still get to connect with nature, our communities and to never forget how connected we are.

We are not just your local plant shop but we're your friends, eager for you to come through our doors with a million questions in mind, bring a book, smell all of our candles, say hello to our orange tabby Cat if he's around, groove to our music and be a part of this immersive experience.


If you are not residing in San Francisco and want to send a gift to your friends and family, or if you have other reasons not to be able to come to the greenhouse, we have a solution for you. Click on the link below to schedule a virtual visit, one of Arcana's team members will take you around the shop and help you pick your favorite plants, planters and other accessories.

Schedule A Virtual Shopping Tour


We offer design consultation to bring a piece of nature to your home, office or business. You can schedule a free one hour meeting with one of Arcana's dedicated plant specialists who'll sit with you in your preferred location.

We will help you define your favorite atmosphere based on your location, lighting, temperatures and commitments to owning plants. We provide consultation about plants, containers, planters and other accessories. Our consultation service could be as simple as letting you know what to buy and do the shopping for you, but we also offer delivery and installation for larger projects. To schedule an hour meeting with one of our specialists and designers click on the link below.

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