We’re happy to announce that the Arcana artist award for the suspended installation with the total award of $2500 is granted to Midori’s amazing proposal. What really touched us during these times is that Midori’s art installation will only come to life with participation of the public, our neighbors and our community.


I am a multi-disciplinary, social practice artist who makes interactive, immersive work that examines identity, culture, bodily autonomy, and perception. Often physical and durational, my performance art invites audience members into a shared experience of meaning making by compelling them to be participants of art-making rather than mere observers. In my visual work, there is always an element of chaos, eruption, abstraction, and dialogue because it is created through large-scale engagement, iterative and participatory processes, and deep intuition. There is a synergistic dynamic between my performative and visual art; together they are the ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail.

I was born in Tokyo and have lived in San Francisco since the 90s. My body, like my art, bridges multiple cultures and fuels my fascination with desire, repulsion, collective memory, and subconscious revisions of experience.

I use the tools of popular education, drag and Kabuki aesthetics, physical labor and endurance, customer service, and appreciative inquiry to create my art. Always what I create emerges from social engagement, collective effort, and dialogue.

"All those little earthquakes delight our senses, reminding us the thrill of life.
They shake us awake for the Big One yet to come.
These come not from the fault lines beneath us.
They arise from the fissures within us." - Midori


Stay in touch for more updates on the installation!